Safe Protection Levels - Ballistic Armor

Class M rating - For those insisting on the best of the best...

This is our highest protection rating. This rating is currently used by no safe company other than Brown Safe and is reserved for our ballistic armor-encased safes and vaults.

Brown Safe is currently working with the U.S. military in ongoing testing to develop a new protection rating for safes made with this plating. It's expected that the new GSA rating will surpass all current protection levels.

The armor plating of an M rated safe is of the same thickness as steel plating from a Class B rated safe but with penetration resistance equaling that of the strongest hardplate material available.

This means an M rated safe can be installed in locations an excessively heavy Class F or TL-30 safe just can't go, like an upstairs bedroom, while providing superior protection beyond current ratings.

One major challenge our M rated test safe has already passed consists of firing multiple .50 caliber anti-sniper bullets directly into the safe. Aside from the missing paint, the safe shows little to no visible indentation, a feat no other known safe is capable of achieving, and a testament to the incredible strength of these safes.

This armor also resists conventional penetration entry attempts. Carbide-tipped drill bits, for instance, have little to no success at boring through as the armor hardness is an even match to that of the bits.

A .50 BMG anti-material rifle is not the usual tool a burglar would use to break into your safe...but this test clearly demonstrates the massive amount of force our ballistic armor can withstand.

Ballistic Armor Plate Exhibits Massive Penetration
Resistance Even at a Fraction of the Thickness.