Frederick Brown

Frederick is the sole founder and majority owner of Brown Safe. He is still active in all aspects of the company's operations, though in recent years the majority of his efforts have been rooted in the fortification of US embassies and military installations. Frederick relies on the family to keep him aware of all high level happenings within the company.

Frederick entered into military service in 1971 where he spent two years engaged in intensive army operations throughout the Vietnam region.
Early in his military career Frederick’s mechanical understanding of specialized weaponry and communications equipment earned him a position performing demonstrations for high ranking officials.  Soon, however, his effective abilities with weapons lead him into high risk reconnaissance missions. Frederick served in the 101st Airborne Paratrooper Division where he functioned as an infantry heavy weapon operator, mortar specialist, and radio operator.
Frederick then joined up with a quick reactionary force unit within the 1st Airborne Division. This unique unit, comprised of seasoned soldiers all shouldering heavy weapons, was responsible for extracting besieged soldiers trapped by enemy fire. 
Frederick left the service in 1973 with several accreditations, two purple hearts, and invaluable experience in applied methods of fortification.

Frederick continued his schooling at San Diego State University while working at Sony Electronics as an associate engineer in production optimization and material handling. His position at Sony granted him valuable insight into the latest production methods.
Frederick graduated in 1976 with a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering and soon began his entrepreneurial launch into the world of safe building. Over the next 33 years his business steadily grew from one man operating out of his home to a manufacturing facility that employs over 50 dedicated workers with no sign of slowing.

Frederick’s recent achievements include designing blast containment cells for the stinger missile, and the design and installation of a 20 ton hydraulic radiation containment door for nuclear accelerator experiments at UCLA.

Frederick is a strong contributing member of the NRA and the National Federation of Independent Business. Frederick studies history and is a collector of rare weapons and antique safes. Frederick is active in a variety of shooting clubs and is near completion on earning his helicopter pilots license.