Lynel (Brown) Berryhill

As Vice President of Brown Safe, Lynel controls the company finances along with overseeing all aspects of marketing and public relations. Lynel is also responsible for all custom safe sales along with luxury safes built for celebrity and high profile clients.

Lynel's induction into her father’s business began at a very early age. Her earliest memories include duties in and around the Brown Safe office.
Lynel joined Brown Safe full time immediately out of college and has played an integral role in the growth of the company. From strategic planning, to daily decisions in company management, Lynel is active in all aspects of the company.

Along with a lifetime of applied business experience, Mrs. Brown holds a Bachelors of Science degree from San Diego State University and actively studies trends and developments within the independent businesses community.

Lynel’s early achievements include designing and building the company's first website, heading up the launch of Brown Safe’s first luxury safe line, and administering Brown Safe’s first movie consultation.
Lynel is currently directing the launch of new product lines, along with managing philanthropic efforts that include championing sustainability within the business community.

When not entrenched in company affairs, Lynel is a devoted wife, adoring mother, avid surfer, mountain biker, snow boarder, hiker, and sport shooter.

Lynel volunteers occasional time to children's organizations and has also raised and trained a special assistance dog for Canine Companions. She also uses her business experience to mentor young people with the goal of empowering today's youth with the skills to build a safer tomorrow.

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