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Since 1980, Brown Safe Manufacturing has been a premier safe and vault company, providing security solutions for our clients, worldwide. Brown Safe Manufacturing builds premium, innovative, rugged, and luxurious safes, vaults and extreme security solutions.

Our product line ranges from high grade military products; built to withstand severe attack, to luxury jewelry safes with exotic metal and wood interiors. Brown Safe Manufacturing provides impeccable security for customers who demand products that perform to a truly higher standard.

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Wall and door thickness is at the heart of a high security safe's ability to protect. We build each safe as the treasured heirloom we know it can become.



We handcraft each safe with a steadfast commitment to core values of excellent craftsmanship, long term reliability, and survivability.



Every safe carries a 50 year warranty. A true 50 year warranty. If you have a problem with your safe we want to hear about it, and we will make it right. period.



Our safty rated safes are built with a solid steel core and a fire-resistant outer shell for substantial protection against burglary and fire.

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Frederick Brown Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Executive Officer

Radiation Containment
Military and Diplomatic Fortification

Frederick is the sole founder and majority owner of Brown Safe. He is still active in all aspects of the company's operations, though in recent years the majority of his efforts have been rooted in the fortification of US embassies and military installations. Frederick relies on the family to keep him aware of all high level happenings within the company.

Frederick entered into military service in 1971 where he spent two years engaged in intensive army operations throughout the Vietnam region.
Early in his military career Frederick’s mechanical understanding of specialized weaponry and communications equipment earned him a position performing demonstrations for high ranking officials.  Soon, however, his effective abilities with weapons lead him into high risk reconnaissance missions. Frederick served in the 101st Airborne Paratrooper Division where he functioned as an infantry heavy weapon operator, mortar specialist, and radio operator.
Frederick then joined up with a quick reactionary force unit within the 1st Airborne Division. This unique unit, comprised of seasoned soldiers all shouldering heavy weapons, was responsible for extracting besieged soldiers trapped by enemy fire. 
Frederick left the service in 1973 with several accreditations, two purple hearts, and invaluable experience in applied methods of fortification.

Frederick continued his schooling at San Diego State University while working at Sony Electronics as an associate engineer in production optimization and material handling. His position at Sony granted him valuable insight into the latest production methods.
Frederick graduated in 1976 with a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering and soon began his entrepreneurial launch into the world of safe building. Over the next 33 years his business steadily grew from one man operating out of his home to a manufacturing facility that employs over 50 dedicated workers with no sign of slowing.

Frederick’s recent achievements include designing blast containment cells for the stinger missile, and the design and installation of a 20 ton hydraulic radiation containment door for nuclear accelerator experiments at UCLA.

Frederick is a strong contributing member of the NRA and the National Federation of Independent Business. Frederick studies history and is a collector of rare weapons and antique safes. Frederick is active in a variety of shooting clubs and is near completion on earning his helicopter pilots license.

Lynel (Brown) Berryhill Vice President

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Vice President

Public Relations

As Vice President of Brown Safe, Lynel controls the company finances along with overseeing all aspects of marketing and public relations. Lynel is also responsible for all custom safe sales along with luxury safes built for celebrity and high profile clients.

Lynel's induction into her father’s business began at a very early age. Her earliest memories include duties in and around the Brown Safe office.
Lynel joined Brown Safe full time immediately out of college and has played an integral role in the growth of the company. From strategic planning, to daily decisions in company management, Lynel is active in all aspects of the company.

Along with a lifetime of applied business experience, Mrs. Brown holds a Bachelors of Science degree from San Diego State University and actively studies trends and developments within the independent businesses community.

Lynel’s early achievements include designing and building the company's first website, heading up the launch of Brown Safe’s first luxury safe line, and administering Brown Safe’s first movie consultation.
Lynel is currently directing the launch of new product lines, along with managing philanthropic efforts that include championing sustainability within the business community.

When not entrenched in company affairs, Lynel is a devoted wife, adoring mother, avid surfer, mountain biker, snow boarder, hiker, and sport shooter.

Lynel volunteers occasional time to children's organizations and has also raised and trained a special assistance dog for Canine Companions. She also uses her business experience to mentor young people with the goal of empowering today's youth with the skills to build a safer tomorrow.

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Charlie Costantino Security Manager

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Security Manager

Tactical Operations
Security training

Charlie served a total of 4 years in military service on two separate occasions. During his first enlistment he was a paratrooper with additional training in logistics and specialized weapons.   During his 2nd enlistment he served with the 12th Special Forces group Green Beret.

Immediately following his time with the military, Charlie attended Palomar College while raising three adopted children. He received an Associates of Arts degree in law enforcement and has been active in law ever since.
Charlie has functioned in a variety of capacities with the Oceanside police department including time as a motorcycle patrol officer and time as an investigator with narcotics and vice.

Charlie has had a long standing friendship with Fred Brown since their initial time together in the military.
In 2004, Charlie transitioned from active police duty to reserve duty and became deeply involved with Brown Safe.
Though he recently took a position with Homeland Security, Charlie still functions in a consulting capacity with Brown Safe for select operations.
Charlie is also a certified ATV instructor and law enforcement off-road motorcycle instructor and teaches occasional offensive driving courses at the local police academy.

In his off time, Charlie can be found riding his Hayabusa sport bike with his wife through the local mountains along with motocross riding and sand buggy touring. Charlie also enjoys hunting, combat shooting, is an avid weapon collector.

Shawn Berryhill Vice President
Research and Development

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Vice President
Research and Development

Product Design
System implementation

Shawn collaboratively designs new products and implements new production and organizational systems. Shawn also handles many marketing tasks, and is responsible for the company's recent videos showcasing the incredible strength of Brown Safe's products.

In college, Shawn developed a strong understanding of computers and the then new medium of computer graphic imaging.
Recognizing strong opportunities in game development, Shawn began his first position within the video game industry in 1994. Rising rapidly through the ranks of game developers, Shawn achieved a high ranking position as Design Director at a large development studio known as Shiny Entertainment. During his ten years as director, Shiny Entertainment remained at the forefront of video game design.
The company's greatest success came from a collaboration with the Oscar winning directors of the Matrix Trilogy "The Wachowski Brothers". Shiny and Warner Brothers designed the first movie and game tie-in to achieve critical success. The series of movies and video games successfully blended the film and interactive mediums into a single cohesive world and story. Both movie and game sales set record profits.

Due to his involvement with Lynel Brown, Shawn had been contributing to Brown Safe's growth in small amounts.
In late 2006 Shawn made the decision to leave his position at Shiny to pitch in full force with his wife and her family during the company's critical time of growth… and he's never looked back. His familiarity with technology along with complex systems makes him an ideal fit when implementing a varied range of new processes, programs, and methodologies. Shawn is now integral in the continuing growth of the company.

Shawn enjoys quality adventuring with his wife. Together they indulge in numerous outdoor activities, often taking their young son, Connor, in tow.  Their most popular pastimes include kart racing, surfing, rock climbing, combat shooting, downhill mountain biking, and snowboarding.

Shawn also enjoys volunteering his time educating kids on careers in game design at local schools and colleges.

Timothy Brown Chief Operations Officer

Full bio
Chief Operations Officer

Mechanical Design
CNC Machining

The youngest of the Brown family, Tim shoulders heavy responsibility within the family structure. He manages production, designs custom fabrications, and converts current concept designs into production ready products.

Tim was literally born into the safe making business. Like all men in the Brown family line, Tim quickly developed a keen knack for mechanical workings, allowing him to undertake significant job responsibilities. At a young age, Tim was already directing large military installations and managing many key areas of production. 
To complement his mechanical skills, Tim is well studied in computer aided drafting, along with CNC machining and a vast array of advanced manufacturing equipment

Beyond creating the world's most secure safes and vaults, Tim has developed a running passion for off road racing.
He has co-driven a hummer race truck at numerous off-road competitions including the infamous and grueling Baja 1000. Tim’s team has raced the Baja 1000 twice, placing 1st in class on both occasions along with earning 1st in sportsman class point standings for an entire season.

Tim’s passion for mechanical creations also extends into vehicle design. He’s hand built two high performance race vehicles, including an unlimited class 1 race dune buggy, and is actively building his third.
Tim’s other pastimes include indoor kart racing, surfing, skydiving, paintball, and mountain biking.

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From a young age, my fondest memories were working alongside my father, James A. Brown, and his father, on their engineering projects. My first visit to my father's laboratory at the Eli Lilly Company was immeasurably inspiring.

Watching his meticulous attention to detail motivated me to pursue my own interests in mechanical design. Drawn to locks and complex mechanical devices, I soon fell headlong into the world of safe design.

The simple words spoken by my father when I set out on this endeavor hold as true then, as they do now, "Build it for your children's children…and teach them the same."

Today at Brown Safe we handcraft each safe with my father's steadfast commitment to these core values of excellent craftsmanship, long term reliability, and survivability.

With the new generation comes new innovation and technology, but we never compromise on our core values, and build each safe as the treasured heirloom we know it will become.

Our unrelenting drive to manufacture the worlds most secure safes permeates the fabric of the Brown family. We offer you the comfort in knowing your safe is built to a higher standard.

Frederick Brown, Owner
Brown Safe Manufacturing