Safe Terminology 101

Below you'll find plain english definitions of the terms most commonly tossed around in safe community circles. Study these terms and you too can be one of the elites who is, in the you'll never again run dry on conversation starters at the next cocktail party. Alphabetical Definitions of Common Safe Terms
Amalgamate (aka: Composite)+
Anti-Drive +
Borescope +
Bolt Work +
Burglary Safe +
Carbide Drill Bit +
Composite Fire Cladding +
Composite Fire Safe +
Drywall +
Electronic Keypad Lock (aka: Pushbutton Lock) +
Fiberboard +
Fire Cladding +
Fire Rating +
Fire Safe +
Fire Safe Ratings +
Firewall (aka: Fiberboard, Drywall) +
Flash Point +
Gauge +
Glass Plate Re-locker +
Locking Bolts +
Hardplate +
Punch Pin +
Pushbutton Lock +
Rating System +
Re-locker +
Safe - Construction Rating System +
afe Performance Rating System +
Safe Door Thickness +
Safe Wall Thickness +
Steel Thickness +
Thermal Re-locker +
Thermic Lance (aka Thermal Lance, or burning bar) +
UL (Underwriters' Laboratories) +
UL Certified Lock +