Shawn Berryhill

Shawn collaboratively designs new products and implements new production and organizational systems. Shawn also handles many marketing tasks, and is responsible for the company's recent videos showcasing the incredible strength of Brown Safe's products.

In college, Shawn developed a strong understanding of computers and the then new medium of computer graphic imaging.
Recognizing strong opportunities in game development, Shawn began his first position within the video game industry in 1994. Rising rapidly through the ranks of game developers, Shawn achieved a high ranking position as Design Director at a large development studio known as Shiny Entertainment. During his ten years as director, Shiny Entertainment remained at the forefront of video game design.
The company's greatest success came from a collaboration with the Oscar winning directors of the Matrix Trilogy "The Wachowski Brothers". Shiny and Warner Brothers designed the first movie and game tie-in to achieve critical success. The series of movies and video games successfully blended the film and interactive mediums into a single cohesive world and story. Both movie and game sales set record profits.

Due to his involvement with Lynel Brown, Shawn had been contributing to Brown Safe's growth in small amounts.
In late 2006 Shawn made the decision to leave his position at Shiny to pitch in full force with his wife and her family during the company's critical time of growth… and he's never looked back. His familiarity with technology along with complex systems makes him an ideal fit when implementing a varied range of new processes, programs, and methodologies. Shawn is now integral in the continuing growth of the company.

Shawn enjoys quality adventuring with his wife. Together they indulge in numerous outdoor activities, often taking their young son, Connor, in tow.  Their most popular pastimes include kart racing, surfing, rock climbing, combat shooting, downhill mountain biking, and snowboarding.

Shawn also enjoys volunteering his time educating kids on careers in game design at local schools and colleges.