Timothy Brown

The youngest of the Brown family, Tim shoulders heavy responsibility within the family structure. He manages production, designs custom fabrications, and converts current concept designs into production ready products.

Tim was literally born into the safe making business. Like all men in the Brown family line, Tim quickly developed a keen knack for mechanical workings, allowing him to undertake significant job responsibilities. At a young age, Tim was already directing large military installations and managing many key areas of production. 
To complement his mechanical skills, Tim is well studied in computer aided drafting, along with CNC machining and a vast array of advanced manufacturing equipment

Beyond creating the world's most secure safes and vaults, Tim has developed a running passion for off road racing.
He has co-driven a hummer race truck at numerous off-road competitions including the infamous and grueling Baja 1000. Tim’s team has raced the Baja 1000 twice, placing 1st in class on both occasions along with earning 1st in sportsman class point standings for an entire season.

Tim’s passion for mechanical creations also extends into vehicle design. He’s hand built two high performance race vehicles, including an unlimited class 1 race dune buggy, and is actively building his third.
Tim’s other pastimes include indoor kart racing, surfing, skydiving, paintball, and mountain biking.