Gem Safe Design Kit - Option 2

Gem Safe Design Kit

The Gem Safe gift package gives your special someone the opportunity to design their own one-of-a-kind luxury jewelry safe.

At the heart of this stylish kit is our design booklet that presents the design process in easy step by step choices.
The inclusion of high quality photos, Illustrations, and superb samples ensures each selection is a true pleasure.

Items included in the Jewelry Chest Design Kit

  • Step by Step Design booklet
  • Exotic hardwood jewelry chest samples
  • Velvet and Ultrasuede® fabric samples
  • Exterior paint color samples
  • Detailed Gem Safe Information packet
  • Specification sheets for all sizes (great to give to your contractor or architect)
  • Color catalog with photos, ideas, and more
  • Gift wrapping and personalized greeting message


Purchase Option #2 - Order Gem Safe Gift Package and reserve a priority ship date

This is a priority purchase option that guarantees the safe will ship within six weeks from the time the safe specifications have been chosen. The cost of the reservation is $2,500

Once that lucky someone receives the gift package, they decide on their safe and it's design and then contact the friendly staff at Brown Safe at their convenience to place the order or discuss any further details.

Our seasoned staff can offer up useful suggestions and help with any questions.

The final purchase price is billed at the time the order is placed (total will be affected by size, options, etc.).

The full purchase price of the gift package is credited toward the cost of the safe at the time of final purchase.