Two-Part Touch Up Paint

Pure White
Antique White
Sierra Tan
Regal Red
Windsor Blue
Espresso Brown
Coach Black

One-time-use touch up paint. Comes in two parts that must be mixed to cure.

***The paint color in this touch-up is meant for original factory paint in the code specified. This paint is not guaranteed to match safes that have been re-painted or have faded due to sunlight exposure or other natural elements. Always test your color in an inconspicuous spot, wait for the paint to dry to make sure it is the correct color and cures the same color. Brown Safe is not responsible for application of an incorrect color. ***

1. Wipe the area clean that you will be touching up.
2. Mix at a 3:1 ratio. 3 parts paint, 1 part activator.
3. With the paint and activator in one bottle, shake the bottle vigorously.
4. Apply to damaged surface using the paint brush.

- Mixed paint will last about 1 hour before it dries out. This bottle is a onetime use.
- Only fill paint into the chipped area. In general, do not apply the touch-up paint over  existing gloss paint.
- If filling a deep chip, apply a coat of paint to the chipped area and wait 5-15 minutes (depending on temperature) for the paint to dry and get “tacky”. Continue building up the chip until desired outcome or until the mixed paint begins to dry out (around 1 hour after mixing). Multiple thin coats of paint will produce a better touch-up.